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Shift Your Mind 
Create an ease-filled way
of being alive now


How holistic healing

through your

soul sessions 

can upshift your life

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Corry MacDonald

Meet Corry

Holistic Healer and Soul Practitioner

If you want to create your life for the better, you can, and Corry is happy to walk alongside you to show you the way. 

Corry is a multi-modal healer - Body Mind Reset Technique practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist with a metaphysical component, transpersonal art therapist, and energy healer. Known by many as a Soul Practitioner, she also weaves her training as an advanced cognitive coach into each session to support her clients fully.


With over 20 years of cross-cultural living in 5 countries, Corry has acquired potent healing tools both from her life experiences and from her teachers around the globe.

One of Corry’s loves is showing people how to leverage heavy experiences - the ultimate creative material - into wisdom, intelligence and deep joy.


Aren't you curious to uncover your innate creative intelligence to heal and create your life path consciously for more ease and flow?


What is a Soul Practitioner?



Art Therapist

Body Mind Reset


Energy Healer

The Journey Towards Healing

Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Helping You to embrace life fully

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Do you find yourself susceptible to oversensitivity, emotional overwhelm, anxiety or depression?


Are you feeling off balance, emotionally drained, over-stressed or lacking energy?


Does your body have a pain or injury that just won’t leave? 

Whatever is troubling you right now– whether body/mind/spirit –  is an invitation to heal and transform. I welcome you into a safe space of trust and deep respect. If you are ready to shift from survival mode and take response-ability to work with your current challenge you will shift it.

All of the healing modalities I offer can support you if you are feeling:

"I'm not enough"

"My body just won't heal"

"People always dump on me"

"I'm "ok" but I'm not really happy"

"I keep repeating this sabotaging pattern"

"There's got to be more to life than this"

"I'm unsure what to do with my life"

"I can't get along with my partner"

"I can't stop eating bad foods"

"I'm addicted to smoking"

"I'm always feeling judged"

"I always procrastinate"

"I'm scared to change"

"I have no energy"


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