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Work with Corry

Soul Healing with Corry

Free yourself from your core wounds which create the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of burnout. 

After your session you will feel empowered, transformed, and free to finally move forward. Foundational to my work is  

Body Mind Reset Technique BMRT from Breda McQuaid. Learn more about the science behind this potent modality here


Work in-person or online to receive deep healing and helpful tools and tips to navigate your unique challenges.

Still unsure? Book a free no-obligation Consultation Zoom Call to see if Soul Healing is for you.

Private Sessions

 Session Packages

As I'm working Internationally and based in Europe the currency for my services and shop is in Euros. If you operate in another currency don't worry as the conversion rate on the date of your purchase automatically gets factored in and will be reflected in your credit card statement. 

Soul Healing Single Session Package

90 minutes . €200.00

Using a blend of 5 healing modalities, each client receives a bespoke holistic healing experience. This integrative approach can
resolve many emotional and physical conditions including:

  • low mood, anxiety, and feelings of unworthiness, shame and doubt

  • poor health, chronic pain, and recurring injury

  • addictions (including the inability to say "no"), compulsions, and unhealthy patterns in your daily life, work and relationships

What you'll get:


  • a live 90 minute l-on-1 soul healing session via Zoom or in person to release and reset pain points

  • helpful tools, tips and tricks for navigating your unique obstacles

  • personalised follow up material tailored to your individual needs

The session will identify the beliefs and past experiences that are playing out in your current reality and affecting your wellbeing. It
will start the process of resolving the imbalances causing your symptoms. Each session will bring forward and release one of the
many layers covering up your true self. Single sessions are the perfect way to start your journey towards healing.

Group Soul Healing Program - Coming Soon
4 weeks of collective group discovery, growth and trust

Harness the power of the collective by connecting with and healing alongside others as we meet weekly over the course of a month.
Grow in your awareness and trust of your Authentic Self as you experience this on a wider level within a safe and healthy group


Within this program, undigested emotions can arise in this safe circle. For most of us, we were not seen, heard, or honoured fully in our first group experience - our family of origin. That often can play out in patterns in both friend and/or work groups, mirroring back the need for healing within for whatever group we find ourselves to be part of. Also, awareness of which to not take part in.


A private 1- on -1 Soul Healing Single Session is provided within this unique package for you to heal and transform anything that  is no longer serving you that pops up in group sessions.  


The Dalai Lama stated that from now on humanity will heal and awaken through relationships. This is a very special opportunity and space for you to do just that as you release and reset all that you desire, all the while being surrounded by a circle of love and safe support to move the wisdom you gain through the program directly into your new life.

1X1 Holistic Transformation Program (click in HERE for detailed brochure)
3 months of personalised care and support for your whole life transformation 

Welcome to the 3 month high-touch 1:1 program which integrates deep inner healing and spiritual support to help you completely reset your body and mind and transform your life. Shed layers of conditioning and emerge as a transformed, fully empowered version of yourself. 


  • Assess how attachment issues and traumas are impacting your life

  • Uncover the root of the challenges you're facing and heal your inner child

  • Shift your perspective concretely about the PAIN you're experiencing

  • Learn the science around your challenges and why they've shown up

  • Regulate your nervous system and so you don't stay stuck in fight, flight or freeze

  • Release layers of conditioning and remember who you really are

What You'll Get:

  1. Over the course of 3 months you'll have 14 regularly scheduled BMRT sessions with 4 additional sessions 

  2. Daily Support to provide support between sessions. You'll receive a daily check in text to share the things that are
    coming up for you, ask questions and address concerns

  3. Bespoke Resources as the program is personalised for each client. As you move through your healing journey, you will
    receive carefully curated videos, meditations and other resources customised to address your unique needs.

Outcomes and Investment - 

  • Recognize and stop dysfunctional patterns and behaviour loops once and for all

  • Decode your body's messages to help you navigate future challenges with grace

  • Establish profound awareness, understanding and acceptance of your true self

  • Gain total control of your life and your energy regardless of what's going on around you

  • Reconnect with your innate power, energy flow, and ability to create your vision for a happy, fulfilling life

 This program is best for those who are ready to finally stop suffering and do the inner work required for total
healing and transformation of the mind, body and spirit.                                                                                               

Contact Corry to learn more about this life-changing bespoke experience. Investment is 7000 Euros.

Consultation Call

30 minutes .  Free of charge

If you're unsure if this holistic approach is for you and want to meet Corry first, she offers a free no obligation 20 - 30 minute
Consultation Call on Zoom to see if working together is aligned.

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