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Work with Corry

Private Healing with Corry

Find the Approach that Resonates with You 

(available both in person or online with  Zoom)

Corry offers several modalities to meet everyone’s different needs and preferences. Scroll down and get a sense of each approach then choose the one that you’re most drawn to as the ‘right medicine’ right now for you.


Still unsure? Book a free no-obligation Consultation Call if you need support uncovering which approach is best for you.

Private Sessions

The Private Sessions

As I'm working Internationally and based in Europe the currency for my services and shop is in Euros. If you operate in another currency don't worry as the conversion rate on the date of your purchase automatically gets factored in and will be reflected in your credit card statement. 


120 minutes . €160.00

Do you ever feel anxious or stuck? Unable to achieve change on an issue that has plagued you? Have you ever kept repeating the same mistakes? Do you feel there is a distance between the ‘real’ you inside and the ‘you’ that’s on show to the world? Hypnotherapy allows for powerful transformation to bring resolution to anything out of alignment in your personal and professional life. Everything you need to change and grow is within you. Learn how to access these resources deep in your subconscious mind

Body Mind Reset Technique

90 minutes . €120.00

BMRT is a technique (read more here) developed by Breda McQuaid, which has the capacity to resolve many different emotional and physical problems or conditions. BMRT is able to identify limiting beliefs or past experiences which are present in the unconscious mind causing detrimental negative effects disrupting the chemistry of the brain resulting in feelings of anxiety and possibly impacting the immune system resulting in physical symptoms. Many think because the event happened a long time ago that it is past and resolved, when in fact, the chemical effects of that event are ongoing. This causes an imbalance in the system leading to anxiety and other negative feelings or physical conditions. This theory is in alignment with the work of Dr Hans Selye, Dr. Gabor Mate, and Dr. Bruce Lipton

Art Therapy 

90 minutes . €120.00 session 

Creating Healing uses the therapeutic creative processes of drawing, doodling, mind-mapping painting, and journaling to pivot heavy emotions for lighter ones. Corry creates a warm and private space for you to explore and express parts of yourself that need care as you access your subconscious mind for its brilliance and guidance.

Energy Healing 

60 minutes . €100 session  

Energy healing is a return to Wholeness.Corry’s work as an energy healer comes from her direct training in Coherence Energy Healing with Dr. Joe Dispenza as well as Reconnective Healing® (RH) with Dr. Eric Pearl. Energy Healing is a new level of healing that scientists and researchers feel we can easily access. These new frequencies of healing are not bound by distance or time and allow for complete alignment with Universal Intelligence. Offered either in person or long distance, a 60 minute session restores balance in body, mind, and spirit. 

Consultation Call

30 minutes .  Free of charge

If you’re unsure which healing approach aligns best with you, Corry offers a free no obligation 15 minute Consultation call if you need support uncovering which approach is best for you.

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