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Life In Full Colors




7 Transformative Tools

For Leveraging Life's

Challenges as Your

Ultimate Creative Material

Isn't it incredible what upcycle artists can do with discarded and broken materials? Picking up seemingly worthless pieces to transform them into something wonderful.


Did you know you have the innate ability to do this with your life?


Life In Full Colors presents a unique seven-step creative process for reframing your perceived problems in order to access the potentials they hold. 


More than a passive read, this book is an opportunity to activate what is already within you: your powerful Creative Intelligence. Within these pages transpersonal art therapist Corry MacDonald invites your natural childlike curiosity into an experience of creative alchemy for healing, transformation and joy. 


While we have seen all manner of self-soothing coloring books for those craving inner calm this is NOT that kind of book. 


Within these pages you will uncover:

  • How your personal challenges can be doors to inner Divinity

  • A way to integrate your ‘thinking mind’ with your ‘feeling mind’

  • How to shape and be supported by your inner and outer creative space

  • A playful way to clear your head while activating your innate Creative Intelligence

  • A potent 7-step process for pivoting heavy-hued emotions into light

  • How the growth and healing you create for yourself benefits all of creation

  • ‘Creative Sparks’ to integrate the illuminations you receive directly into your life


If you want to see your awareness reflected back to you in your authentic colors, lines and shapes as you creatively up-cycle all that is playing out before you: high-lights, low-lights and every hue in between this is THAT book.

The Book

Corry will be donating all net proceeds from Life In Full Colors to Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCIR). VICCIR is a non-profit, charitable group that provides support, including

art therapy, for a population which Corry and her family are passionate about helping so that they can thrive. Thank you for your direct support with your book purchase.

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Relax Deeply into Love, Joy,

Hope and Optimism

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What is Being Said About the Book

"I absolutely loved this book!

Corry has an incredible vibe that comes through the words,

making you feel understood and encouraged as you do the work.

As someone who uses expressive art with my clients,

I found this book has something for everyone.

So whether it's been years since you picked up a crayon,

or you use crayons every day,

there's a whole lot for you waiting inside!"

- Rachel R.

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Kind Words

"Corry has a special and heartwarming gift to help unlock your deepest of your fears and turn them into moments

of courage and love. She truly understands how to express the colours of her soul. I am so proud of her for

taking this journey within herself and acting as a light of positivity and inspiration for others."
 - Amy Diener
Artist, Teacher, Inspirer

"Corry MacDonald is a rare and beautiful treasure. If you wish to unleash your creative fire, her natural loving nature, deep intuitive insight, and passionate, creative freedom makes her a perfect mentor for the journey.

I love her work and her spirit, and I know you will too."
- Ann Mortifee (CM)
Singer, Composer, Author, and Keynote Speaker
Honored Member of the Order of Canada

"Corry is easily one of the biggest hearted people I know! Her creativity is inspirational, and her outlook

on life is exciting. She truly embraces the essence of her Feeling Mind – so beautifully illustrated in this

work of art, her first book! Enjoy every last drop…"
- Dr. Anne Jensen
MSc, DC, DPhil (Ph.D.)
HeartSpeak International

"Corry has a way of making anyone feel and see exactly how to tap into that positive, creative energy we are looking for. Life in Full Colors combines storytelling and perfect guidance to allow you to transform challenges,

no matter how long ago, into your most powerful gifts. If you've been waiting to live full-out, this book is for you!"

- Rachael Lynn

Author, At Home Anywhere