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Client Reviews

Read what people are saying about working with Corry

"I was going through a really rough time and just had a lot of heavy emotions ... Corry held such a beautiful and safe space for me to actually really fully feel all the depths of my heaviness but at the same time ... to see what was available to me!"

- Joanna 

"Corry is an amazing person and professional in what she does. Her coaching helped me to get closer to my own truth and get clarity on the obstacles that are in my way to move towards my goals and dreams."

 - Yukiko 

"I would recommend her without question to anyone. I am impressed with how energetically clean  Corry is. She teaches people how to help heal themselves and others. Her effectiveness is rooted in her love and compassion; in her deep trust of and empowerment of each individual's inner wisdom."

- Anne 

"I loved the beautiful place where Corry received me. My session was so rewarding, it was all I needed. The session was very intimate and felt like the hour was full with Corry really getting to know me and energetically giving me everything I needed at the moment. Corry took her time, nothing seemed rushed. It was great. I even had the right to sunrays on me during the session, it seemed magical to me. I gained a lot of clarity on the things I had been looping on for quite some time now and felt fully supported in the life changes I tackled. I felt relaxed after our session. It was the perfect mix between a counseling session and a more spiritual energy healing session. Corry is very balanced in her approach and very empathetic, the language used during our session was English. A week after our session, I decided to review all my values. She receives in several places, the one where I was was very close to the Groendaal station and that is a plus in terms of transport".

- Nana 

"Corry is an amazing human being who shares the light she has found with those who she interacts with! My mother introduced me to her and as soon as we met I felt like I had known her before. She performed an energy healing session on my brother first, and I proceeded afterwards. The funny thing is whilst the session was going on for my brother i could already feel the positivity and change in energy throughout myself which multiplied immensely during my session. It was a sort of out of body experience but i also knew I was in full control. Afterwards i felt a deep calm and relaxation about any future anxiety or things i thought I had to be doing. Now i can say, a few months later that that session deeply impacted me, and also makes me ever curious about energy healing, energetic state alteration, human physiology, consciousness and all that marvelous stuff  Long story short Corry is the real deal!"

- Marnix 

"I really enjoyed hypnotherapy. it made me realise new things about my fears and and ... memories that influences this reaction (panic attacks/claustrophobia) in me. It made me less scared...symptoms non existent. I always felt relaxed and in control."

- Noemi

"My energy levels are MUCH better..I've never been somatically conscious but I am now. Thanks! I was listening to my hypnotherapy session and it helps so much even now. Truly engaging and enlightening!"

- Katie 

"Hypnotherapy gave me peace of mind and a feeling of lightness, both mentally and physically (I have no more headaches). It also inspired me to rethink my whole approach to life and love as I realised that I have to first love and care for myself and then others. Thank-you Corry!

- Cynthia

“I was struggling for 6 months until I met Corry...I didn't trust any other healer but you...After Reconnective Energy Healing I feel peace and am working again...At first I didn't trust or believe it but then I just let go and everything changed for me."

- Victoria

“Corry is the most amazing art therapist I have ever met. She helped me and my family several times to move into very positive situations."

 - Petra 

“What I created was truly amazing. I was able to explore...My frustrations went out onto a piece of paper and transformed into something totally different and beautiful thank you for this experience."

- Manuela

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Corry. Her sparkling crystal clear being and energy fluidly transmit the universal healing power. In my session with Corry, I wanted to clear out the last remnants of a tenacious old belief system that blocked my energy to flow freely. Her healing paved the way for a clear vision of this generational problem and the way to stop it right here and now. Afterwards I felt my energy level had been raised. The distance healing by Zoom worked great; I could easily feel the effect of her healing energy and hands."

- Astrid 

"Corry is a wonder. I'd recommend Corry to anyone who is feeling stuck, in pain or curious for something more in their lives. My experience with Corry has been transformative, opening my mind to new healing modalities. If you are even a little bit interested, I'd recommend giving it a shot. Since my healing sessions with Corry, I have felt more purpose in my life and have my pain levels have significantly improved. Corry is the real thing and a gift to this world"

- Miranda 

"When I first met Corry I was at a crossroads and was looking to reinvent myself, and so connecting with her through Art Therapy was such a wonderful way to express myself. Corry created a safe, joyful and fun space for me to explore my potential through many varied mediums, and ultimately transform. It's been a fabulous journey of creative expression, through drawing, writing, letting go, and just feeling playful with pastels, colors and paper. Ive loved the experience which has given me a great opportunity to reconnect with me."

- Heidi 

“Corry is a gifted healer. Her sessions have broken through my emotional and physical blocks and allowed me to live with more joy and presence. I’ve seen the professional, financial, and emotional benefits of healing in this way. I highly recommend working with Corry!”

- Natalie 

“Corry is amazing, kind-hearted, full of love, light, and beautiful, centring, creative and child-like energy. She sees you for who you are, with no judgement, and then professionally and expertly supports you to move positively forward from any point that you wish to move forward from. She has a unique quality of being both humble and passionate in what she does - it is wonderful with her."

- Audrey 

“Corry is easily one of the biggest-hearted people I know! Her creativity is inspirational, and her outlook on life is exciting. She truly embraces the essence of her Feeling Mind –  so beautifully illustrated in this work of art, her first book! Enjoy every last drop.”

- Dr. Anne J.

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