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3 Truths About Trashing a Truth

Can I tell you a story about a when I devalued something that held heaps of wisdom and truth that I completely missed at the time?

A few months ago, while clearing out my father's garage filled with nearly 50 years of 'stuff' for an upcoming move for my parents into a new house, we came across alllllll sorts of my old artwork. Touched as I was that my dad had held onto my drawings and paintings as though they were treasures, I told him they were mostly worthless learning assignments and I barely gave them a glance as I chucked them all into a big blue trash bin.

I saw dad's pained face at how swiftly I let them all go and I marvelled that he had held onto some artwork even from my high school days before art school. I gave him a warm hug and said

"Dad it's time to let it all go, if I'm meant to have this stuff it will come back to me."

Fast forward 4 months later and I receive a message from my mom telling me that a woman had contacted her after discovering a black portfolio from my high school days tossed in the forest near her home. Perhaps someone had retrieved it from the blue bin and discarded it again. My parent's last name was on the portfolio so this woman had looked my parents up to see if they wanted the portfolio returned.

Of course, my parents went to retrieve the artwork and were stunned to find that the woman's home was right nearby the very first home I lived in.

Like a full circle my discarded artwork had come 'home' to me.

Sensing that this was for a reason, my parents reached out to me on a video call to show me the art pieces that resurfaced. There were a few paintings and doodles and then, my heart stopped, to see a poster I created in tenth grade with the quote by Graham Greene in BIG BOLD LETTERS speaking directly to me saying:


Sketched beneath these words I had set a baby bird being born, cracking out of an egg. I held my breath and asked my dad to hold onto that piece.

Taking it all in, and reflecting on what my soul is here to share in the world, how the seemingly broken and destroyed pieces of our lives hold so many creative potentials and the only thing I'm pulled to do is to help people to uncover and activate this.

It was clear that even when I tried to throw the Divine Truth of what I came here to share and be away, it found its way - MIRACULOUSLY - back home.

3 key truths became clear to me about the moments when we blindly throw the truth away, often unknowingly, because we're so busy to see it.

Key #1

Truth that is meant to guide us and speak into our lives can not and will not be discarded. Even if we move on and think "this isn't important anymore", the Divine Intelligence has a much higher/wider/expansive view than our little personalities do, and will bring a truth right back to us should we throw it away. This is a relief as we can't mess up ultimately. The truth will prevail.

Key #2

While it may take day, weeks, months, years or decades, a truth that has been trashed will always find the way back home to our hearts. I remember in my early 20's leaving organised religion (church life in bible-belt Alberta where I grew up) when I saw the abuse of power and finally called out a pastor who was clearly taking advantage of young women only to find the congregation turn against me for speaking the truth of what was happening.

After throwing everything to do with church and faith away for decade or so, the love-filled Higher Truths that were woven into the Essence of that faith popped up anew to birth my renewed heart based spirituality outside of organized religion. Quite like seedlings breaking the hardened ground of my heart, to bloom fully and be expressed fearlessly into who I am today.

Key #3

When a truth returns, it brings deeper meaning, wisdom and validation to us. Suddenly, we see things more clearly, having lived and experienced more so that the truth now speaks directly to our Being-ness. When I read that Graham Greene quote anew I was so moved to see that a deeper part of me must have known that one day, I would do the work that I do with so many described so perfectly in that exact quote.

As I stared at my drawing of that bird breaking through that egg, a seemingly impossible thing for such a weak and scrawny looking creature, I thought about how I had to live so long feeling so helpless only to learn the very tools that I now share and teach as a Creative Healer.

Dear Creative One, if you feel as though you have thrown a precious truth away, never worry, because it will come back to you - miraculously and in the 'just right' timing - to reflect more of the amazing being you are directly back to you!

You truly are a wonder-filled creation - and that is a truth that will never be discarded or trashed...not ever.

Big love,


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