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An Invitation For You to Relax & Feel the Power of Play

Ready to Kick-Off Creative Arts Therapies Week Together?! ​

​During the third week in March each year, creative arts therapists sponsor workshops, exhibitions and other events to let everyone experience the healing power of art.

To add to the beautiful sharing of opportunities this special week, I'll be sharing a self-care Free Online Workshop called "Relax & Feel the Power of Play".

You are more than welcome to explore and uncover your Creative intelligence in this safe and ease-filled space. If you're curious to join but feel unsure,

know that no experience is needed, just your sense of wonder and a good dollup of curiousity.

Not only will you get a chance to play your unique colors onto a page (think doodles, shapes and lines) in order to shift stress out, you will also receive fresh insights as I read to you from my book 'Life in Full Colors: Unlock Your Childlike Curiosity to Uncover and Activate the Creative Intelligence You Are'.

Workshop is this Sunday March 14th at 21:30 CET / 15:30 EST / 12:30 PST

When is the last time you played without a plan?

The Zoom link for this workshop is right here (along with my Amazon link for my book AND If you are curious to read the1st chapter of my book for free, then a link to access that is in my bio and here too).

So...are you IN?! Are you going to kick off this special week and learn a new wonder-filled way to play your way into a relaxed state for your well being, self care, and deeper self knowing?

Feel free to share with me if you're joining along & if you're bringing your crayons, markers, pastels or paints - or ALL of these to the table!

My faves are these yummy candy-look-a-like chalk pastels!

Big love,


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