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Body Mind Reset Technique is HERE NOW!

"The client often believes because the event happened a long time ago that it is in the past and resolved, when in fact, chemically the effects of that event is still ongoing causing an imbalance in their system."

(Breda McQuaid)

Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I find myself sitting in a cafe writing this blogpost in my home city of Edmonton Alberta, marvelling how the ice and snow are melting FINALLY as the temperatures rise above10 degrees. Feels almost tropical in the Great White North! :-)

I am here supporting my mom at age 77 who underwent knee surgery. While I was asked to come help with her physical challenges post surgery - such as doing her daily exercises, making her meals, helping her with the daily necessities of life like showering and dressing and such - it has turned into a quantum healing period to release a whole BUNCH of unprocessed emotions activating her sympathetic nervous system to bring about physical issues with her body - including her knee. As my mom works with me and uncovers and releases these heavy trapped emotions she is replacing them with a whole new program for quantum healing in her body/mind/spirit. My mom is delighting and surprising her doctors and physiotherapists at her speed of recovery, her minimal need for pain relief and her strength in her body and spirit.

See, when I arrived here in Canada, I had come off of a week-long training in London for Body Mind Reset Technique (BMRT) under the brilliant (and extremely funny!) Breda McQuaid.

After completing my training in hypnotherapy and seeing how it brings powerful healing to clients with an average of 93% recovery after 5 sessions (unlike behaviour therapy which averages 72% recovery after 22 sessions and psychoanalysis which averages 38% recovery after 600 sessions according to a comparative study by American Health) there was a voice inside of me that was SO CURIOUS on how to accelerate the healing process while synthesising all the healing modalities that I have had the joy and honour of learning.I longed to learn an accelerated technique with a highly proven success rate that could shut down the unconscious programming that causes distress which contributes to dis-ease in people.

As Lao Tzu put it, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear", and days after that voice inside of me got curious about integrating and synthesising healing modalities did Breda McQuaid enter my life journey.

Breda trained classically as a nurse practitioner before her life journey had her looking for other modalities of healing. Breda dove into her all her life learning with various trainings such as Psych K, Emotion Code, Bowen Therapy, and more (tuck in here to see 'em all). When we met and I realized Breda had been following a similar inner pull and had formed a technique that synthesised all her training to bring the speed and efficacy rate of healing up to GREAT effect I asked her immediately "When can you teach me this technique?!" I was stunned to hear that she had a wait list of over 100 people (including doctors and psychiatrists amazed at BMRT's efficacy all wanting to learn from her).

A few months later, Breda held her first training of BMRT and I am forever grateful that I was part of that initial cohort as it's already brought great relief and lightness to my current clients and myself (mom too!). By addressing the subconscious mind directly via applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and energy meridians, healing the core emotional issues related to the physical complaints that come through us IS possible and can happen with a felt result of LIGHTNESS instantly. As Breda puts it...

This technique is able to identify limiting beliefs or past experiences which are present in the unconscious mind which are causing detrimental negative effects. This negative effect disrupts the chemistry of the brain resulting in feelings of anxiety or possibly causing a negative effect of the immune system resulting in physical symptoms.

The client often believes because the event happened a long time ago that it is in the past and resolved, when in fact, chemically the effects of that event is still ongoing causing an imbalance in their system possibly leading to anxiety or many other negative feelings or physical conditions. This theory, I believe is in alignment with the work of Dr Hans Selye, General Adaptation Syndrome...

Resetting the unconscious in this way means that homeostasis is restored and the client is unable to find the original negative feeling they presented with which validates that unconsciously what they previously believed was resolved was in fact unresolved.

This is a permanent reset.

Should you want to book a session and experience BMRT yourself, I am now offering 90 minute sessions, both online and in-person. Tuck in here for more information on my site and if you want to read and learn more, visit Breda's BMRT site here.

Big love,


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