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Inspiration in Sync

"Synergy - The bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously" (Mark Twain)

Photo & Card Creation by Lindsey Morrison Grant Empowermenthouse Creative Greetings

Awhile back, mid-summer, I woke to find a special surprise message sent my way from Portland Oregon. It read:


I happened upon a quote of yours on Good Reads. I chose to incorporate it into a card I was making. I've found creative expression to be the epitome of healing modalities. It's a shame Western Med still perceives it as a mere adjunct to psychotherapy. I don't need a call but just wanted to express my delight at your perspective and willingness to share it with the world. I wish you continues success on your journey.



Lindsey Morrison Grant, it turns out, is a beautiful and brilliant soul, fully aligned with her purpose - the one we ALL SHARE as we all are part of the whole of creation - which is to flow her creative energy into form in myriad of ways.

Turns out, that one of the many ways Lindsey expresses her creativity is through infusing her photography into greeting cards (see the photo above and below). The quote from my book Lindsey shared in her PRIDE-suggestive cards this year is tucked inside these precious little art pieces, of which Lindsey describes their value so clearly:

"There is something very nostalgic about receiving snail mail, its tangibility, and the perceived thought of the sender behind it. Mine tend to be mini-artworks, sent with the intention to be revisited, not simply perused and recycled"

Inside peek at Lindsey's card

To realize that the very words which flowed through me as I created and channeled my book into form back in 2019/2020 had found their way over to Lindsey across the globe, all in energetic resonance with that 'just right timing' that happens when we move in our smart creative minds in flow state, is so wonderful to me that I knew I wanted to share it with you here eventually. And so I sit and write now.

As you read the inside of her greeting card, can you lean into our synergy? Our honouring of the uniqueness and innate value that each human holds? And now I remember sending an email Celebrating the Unusual in each of us at the top of the summer - more synergy in the mix!

Lindsey, a masterful weaver of words captured what my heart is trying to say on our dovetailing of energies here as I close with her wisdom:

"The interconnectedness, synergy, and evolution that naturally and spiritually occurs when creatives interact is always a delightful encouragement to me".

back of Lindsey's card and her contact information

If ever we need this embracing inclusiveness of synergy it is now. When we come together in our true nature, which is to create together rather than to tear one another apart, we truly experience more of who we are - flowing expressions of JOY and LOVE.

And for a "felt sense' experience of how simple and powerful Being your natural creative Self is, tuck into one of Lindsey's beauty-filled video creations like this one here for a couple minutes to experience that creative energy running in, through and all around you right now.

Or tuck into a free online livestream I cocreated with fellow transpersonal art therapist Valerie from Active Creative here. Be sure to have your crayons on hand as we share how to create and ignite a positive transformation within you and those around you as you upshift your energy creatively.

Above all, Thank-you Lindsey for being your Authentic Creative Self and in saying "yes" to my invitation to share your greeting card, artwork and how we came together in synergy so that more of it can be felt through the sharing.

Big love,


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