Sometimes I Forget Who I Am

The other evening, after a very beautiful and meaningful day of working towards the pre-launch of my upcoming book, I got lost in all the busy-ness and forgot who I Am. 

It can happen this way, after waking up to my Inner Universal Self and going on my personal Hero’s Journey almost 10 years ago now, that my focus can get pulled toooo far outwardly so that I temporarily believe that I have lost connection to my Authentic Self.

When this happens, my highly sensitive little self can get really frazzled and overtaken by a wave of insecurity. And, in a sense, it’s logical to feel afraid and insecure when I leave the most powerful Centre Within for a belief that “It’s all up to me to handle this little life I’m living here”.

So, the other evening, after looking at all the stuff I still need to do rather than all the amazing stuff that Life is Doing Through my Body/Mind/Spirit, deep fears of “I’m not enough” washed over me. 

So what to do when those crushing waves come through? Because, let’s face it! They DO! Especially when we step into something completely new like...let’s see...writing a book and launching it into the world! I mean, I’m used to sharing artwork and workshops but a book is a whole other way of sharing for me! 

So, putting all my focus on what I don’t know/have done/understand yet I felt I lost my connection to my Centered Self within.

Truth is, that connection IS.


ALL ways.

It was, is and always will be.

Whatever way you call or name it - Allah, Great Spirit, Source, God, Life, Universe, Intelligence - there is no moving or losing of the all pervasive pulsing force that is living us from the inside out.

I KNOW and LIVE as this precious Life Force and often refer to it as the Creative Intelligence flowing through all of life. Guiding and showing us better ways to be, if we just ASK!

So, I did! Just before popping onto a Zoom call with my publishing team I put it out to this loving Intelligence and, as I learned in A Course in Miracles, owned my fear and simply said out loud,

“I need a miracle now!”

“I’m off center and gettin’ pretty hard on myself, show me the way back to the Truth of Who I Am please”

Next thing I knew I was sitting down for my Zoom call when my husband, out of the blue, showed up with 2 dozen roses telling me he is so proud of me and loves who I am. Then, right as the call started, I shared honestly with my team how I was feeling my insecurities getting the best of me. 

The support and encouragement that I received from the women on my team was deeply felt within me. It brought me back to the Divine Inner Connection that is Who I Am. This is who You Are. Who We Are together. 

As we come to know and BE the truth of Who We Are for each other, we end up reflecting and supporting one another to continue in our True Identity, our Highest Self, for the betterment of ALL. This is the most beautiful gift we can give and be for our Self and everyone in our human family. 

Feeling this, I wrote my publishing team to thank them so they would know how much they lifted me. I encourage you to do this too when beautiful answers to your cries for help show up for you. Angels disguised as your partners on your team in life! 

Most of all, tend to that scared little one inside that can lose her way suddenly. I spent time with that little Corry, took time to hold and hear her and to find out what she needed to feel safe in such new terrain. Turns out she simply needed more time to sit in the quiet and rest and be. 

If you sense you share that need right now and want to quiet in and tend to a scared part of you that feels “I’m not enough”, then quiet into that deepest Love-filed Source within you and rest and receive from the truth of Who You Are. 

And if you need guidance on how to enter that space within you, I have a free guided meditation at the bottom of my website page here for you to use. 

Let me know what sorts of situations in your life take you off center and cause you to forget the Truth of Who You Are! The Master Creator of your beautiful LIFE!

I would be grateful to know. I’m happy to share more processes for us all to keep creating in and flowing our Centered I Am-ness through!

Big love,


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