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What is Your Miracle Moment?

Yesterday I was asked to make a short video for the group art exhibition I’m part of in support of Breast Cancer Awareness week. 

As I spoke spontaneously into the camera from my heart, I heard myself encouraging everyone, myself included, to honor the trapped heavy emotion of sadness that we carry, often unawares, within our chest. To feel the sadness that

and flow it out to make space for new emotions that want to come through. 

This is how powerfully creative we are, that we can choose to feel all of our feelings and heavy emotions, let them flow through us to make space for the lighter ones to enter in. 

As I spoke I thought of a close friend who has had breast cancer and has had her life changed because of it on many levels and ways. 

That was yesterday.


Then today came and when I looked at Instagram I saw a social media post by this dear friend, Natalia, who is known on Instagram as Mrs. Posetivity. 

When I first met Natalia I had no idea about Mrs. Posetivity and no idea about her journey with breast cancer. 

I just happened upon a beautiful radiant woman in a restaurant sporting closely shorn blond hair. Not knowing her challenge filled story at the time, I simply asked her “who’s your hairdresser? I’m new to Dubai and would love to know. Your cut and color look fabulous!” 

In response, Natalia just smiled big, didn’t mention the C-word, and generously invited me to join her family-filled table for a bite. From there we began a beautiful friendship which went straight to the heart. 

A friendship where we both could share everything with each other, especially the struggle filled stuff, because we could feel in each other a shared awareness that the Divine is revealing Great Wisdom for us to find buried in all the painful and tearfilled stuff of Life. Though our life stories differ, we both have learned from the most painful parts that our obstacles and challenges are actually portals for our expansion. 

So when I saw Natalia’s post today on Instagram, I had to smile at what her words conveyed about Breast Cancer Awareness week. She shares: 

Breast Cancer Awareness

Can we just Start embracing Cancer 

Can we just Start attending to it? 

START Understanding Cancer 

START accepting...Cancer 

Can we just START defining Cancer as a 

Curse that we turn into a blessing 

Our Pain that we turn into an inspirational suffering 

The Obstacle that deviates us on our life journey 

Our Punishment that we turn as our reward for finding the truth within yourself

Do you have the strength to START?

And that is the question for us all! “Do you have the strength to start?”. 

It takes great strength to start a whole new direction where the most pain-filled and debilitating experiences and situations become a pivot point for alchemizing our pain into our SuperPowers. For most of us we end up spiraling down into sadness, depression and helplessness. I did that for a few decades until I woke up, like Natalia, to a whole other way of being. 

What Natalia is speaking to is what moves me to share the simple and potent tools to access all the Creative Intelligence that I teach without stopping, because you, dear one, have everything you need for a strong start inside of you. 

Whether your life journey sets you on a path of Breast Cancer or a journey of an unforeseen break-up and divorce or a fire that devastates your region and takes your home or a slow silent depression that seems to creep up, in and through you out of nowhere....these are all pain points just waiting for you to welcome the mysterious hidden gifts they hold for you to transform. 


As my journey with depression transformed me I grew to rename that my “miracle moment”. I speak to such “miracle moments” in my upcoming book Life In Full Colors: 

While none of us share the same miracle moment, we do share the same heart at

the center of them. Big, little, dark, light—all moments are one and the same. 

We need to own such moments. Sit with the fear. Be with the struggle.

Welcome the pain and uncover what is tucked beneath it.

Trust the process. Expect a miracle. Find the gift. 

Remember, you are the master creator of your life and as you move in strength and start choosing to live as that, then all the tools and teachers you need will come to support and guide you.

I wonder, have you made that start in your life with “embracing” and “attending” to your challenges as Natalia says? 

If so, let me know what moved you into this new place of power and strength? 

If you are not able to move into that place, don’t worry, each moment is a new opportunity and as you hear yourself say “ I haven’t embraced my miracle moment” you can always add the word “yet” to that. 

I believe in you, there’s soooo much within you that your eye has yet to see!

Big love,


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