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What is Your Word for 2023?

"Our words have creative power. With our words we can speak blessings over our future." (Joel Osteen)

For a few years now I have been following the call by a dear friend to choose a word for each New Year. The other day, just before my calendar rolled over to the month of January, I dropped a couple words that I didn't want to carry into 2023 onto a page and then I channeled a creative download from my heart which came through with colours, lines, textures and playful joy to flow out the word "WORTHY" like an unexpected gift.

"Worthy" is my word for 2023 as it speaks to both the core wound of "unworthiness" that I came here to heal in this lifetime (which I'm so grateful for all the healing modalities that I have experienced both as a 'healee' and a 'healer' to shift that wound into high wisdom) while it also celebrates the precious gift I have in working with so many beautiful souls as they uncover the divine worth of who they are.

We are all WORTHY and always were. Together we can help each other to un-learn our heavy conditioning that goes against our true nature. Each time we meet one another in the space of love, acceptance and safety our worthiness is revealed within and without.

I invite you to enjoy a little time lapse view of how the download of "WORTHY" came through...

And now I would love to invite you to tuck into your heart 💜, sense in and notice what your word for this new year is. Feel free to share what bubbles up to your awareness my way, I'd love to hear it and experience its creative power with you. Together we speak blessings over our future - word by word - this way.

Big love,


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