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What’s Got You Curious of Late?

" Be curious about everything. Never stop learning. Never stop growing." (Caley Alyssa)

Final page of my collage Art Book

I'm so curious to know what's got you curious of late.

For me, it's been a quiet growing wondering how to dive back into my art making in a fresh new way without heading back into the habit of "rinse and repeat".

The past few months has been such a joy, as I have given myself full permission to do just that, in fresh and simple ways.

Tucking into my sunlit creative corner in the kitchen each morning with my art journal, I flow my colours onto one small page. It's a 5 minute promise that often turns into a 20+ minute flow. Often, this creative momentum bridges into playing into a larger art piece or into forest walk or into a relaxed state as I step into my healing space to work with a client.

One thing is for sure, keeping curious has an uplifting and energising effect.

I have come to know that Life is always inviting us into expansion - nudging us to flow into more of our authentic expression.

This is how, quite recently, I found myself smiling big in the art studio of a dear friend of many years, Tessa Maagdenberg. Tessa is a very curious and prolific artist as well as a wise and gentle guide for those longing to create artworks in new ways.

In addition to showing and selling her artwork, Tessa offers workshops, both in-person and online. Learn about her "why", her artwork and her offerings here should you be curious!

Below are some photos and videos from her studio as Tessa taught me Gelli Block Printing. The colourful texture-filled papers I printed later became my collage material to arrange into an Artist Book. A whole new way of artmaking for me that sparked my curiosity about continuing to create my art in new ways!

Before you head off into your day, feel free to press reply and share with me what's got you curious of late. What's pulling your attention? What's new and alive in you of late?

I get so inspired by those who are following their innate curious nudges to uncover more of who they truly are.Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for expressing more of your beautiful Self into our world now. We all benefit when you do!

Big love,


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