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What we Inherit to Create Healing with

"If we carry intergenerational trauma (and we do) then we also carry intergenerational wisdom. It's in our genes and our DNA." (Kazu Haga)

How do we take care of those innermost pieces that surface through our family line and seep into our own life for healing?

When Ancestral patterns of trauma surface, I do what Source taught me and what I teach others to do:

Own the pain, Ask on it, Receive from it, Act on it, Expect it to pivot, Love it and Share it. The 7 transformative power tools I write about in my book, Life in Full Colors, are the medicine for the soul’s light filled evolution.

Not only for mine, but for my ancestral lineage too.

As we glance back, it's clear that all our families have experienced war, famine, violence, oppression, poverty, and painful emotional trauma in the lineage. All of this cascades and is part of our DNA and we can sense/see certain habits, blocks and patterns living on within us. They also are the ultimate art materials for us to lift and heal as we grow and free ourselves and our lineages in our choice to act and not react.

We know more now than ever before about the science behind the trauma we have inherited. If you are wanting to hear how they research this stuff, a fascinating and "Oh SOOOO helpful" podcast to listen to is this episode of Mark Groves' Create the Love with Mark Wolynn here.

It's clear that when we heal ourselves we heal our family line to the 7 generations (this includes our children and their future family too).

When I grew aware it was time to look at the roots of some of the ancestral pain around 'not following the ways of the rest of the tribe' and 'lack consciousness' the energies of Whale Spirit broke through and into my paintings.

Whale takes us to ancient depths of familial suffering that can move through with ease and be released in the now for the whole family/pod. See, as I intend for the highest good for the whole family line, all this wisdom born of the ancestral pain which is surfacing for healing can resolve in ways that were not available or accessible to my ancestral line back when it happened.

As we consider all those whose shoulders we stand upon, there just wasn't the consciousness to process and alchemize the trauma, pain and suffering they experienced. Our ancestors needed to survive and carry on as best as they could.

Today is a new day, however, and we now have awareness of creative healing energetically in various modalities to transform heavy trapped emotions into light.

So, as I painted through the pain and stuckness that my whole Self could sense and feel into, healing waves and wisdom came through with Whale Spirit. While whale is commonly associated with emotion, inner truth, and creativity it also points to:

Wisdom holder Physical and emotional healing Keeper of history Importance of family and community Emotional rebirth Peaceful strength Communication

Another gorgeous method of healing that I have received and now weave into ancestral work with art therapy is family constellation therapy (should you be reading this and sensing your soul is ready for ancestral healing now too I can recommend a wonderful healer). I

I also recommend theta healing which I have been receiving for this past month to support lifting dense energies to alchemize for the light (I know 2 very skilled theta healers I can suggest to you should your soul feel the pull).

I am so honoured to be able to bring Creative Healing through to my family line. Know that you can do this for your ancestors and yourself too!

Your healing work is a powerful force for your whole ancestral line. That's what a wonder you ARE!

(PS- the gorgeous final whale photo that follows the images of my whale spirit artwork is by

Feel free to reach out should you want support and guidance to tend to what is pulling you to heal it. And remember, once it's resolved, then the whole descending line feels that upshift in vibration.

Big love,


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