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Why Would I Want to be Connected to my Heart?

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." (Helen Keller)

We hear a lot about “connecting to our heart” in the wellness world, and you might be left wondering why one would want to go to such a feeling-filled place. Dr. Gabor Mate, known for his expertise on trauma, childhood development and the relationship between stress and sickness, says that avoiding the heart can be a healthy response to trauma initially, as it may not be safe to be flooded with emotions if we don’t have the necessary tools and support for addressing it in order to heal.

While avoiding our heart may sometimes be the best option in the short-term, long-term health often requires that we find a way to connect again. Although necessary, this can be challenging work. What follows is a bit of my journey back home to my heart to help give a sense of what turned me inwardly:

From a very early age, I was conditioned to expect things to feel unsafe and unpredictable with my back then alcoholic father and fear-filled mother who was quietly holding anger at men and life. I took it all in like a sponge, and in the fear, hurt and confusion, I unknowingly put protective walls up around my heart.

For much of my teenage life and into my early adulthood I “tried to lighten up,” but there was an incessant vigilant voice in my head that kept me stuck in overthinking and in deep distrust of others and life. I tried to outrun the inner noise and heaviness by diving into busy-ness, hyper-performing and over-giving to everyone outside of myself while keeping a big smile on my face. However, the entrenched pathway of my trauma-programmed mind was far more powerful than my efforts. Before long, I was spiraling down into deep depression, especially after my third child was born while living with my husband overseas in Asia. My outer situation mirrored the inner isolation that I felt during that time.

It wasn’t until what I describe as my “Miracle Moment,” during the 2011 earthquake in Japan, that I reconnected with my heart. While I write about the impact of this moment in more detail in my book Life In Full Colors, I’ll share a few details with you here.

After a very helpful session with a wise counselor, while making my way home to my family by subway, the train lurched and stopped, leaving me trapped with hundreds of strangers for several hours underground. It was then that I made a direct connection with my innermost heart so clearly. A sublime silence within my heart showed up so strongly in contrast to the confusion and terror, words still can’t really capture it. If I could choose a few they would be: deep calm, slow stillness, beyond fear, pure knowing, pulsing life.

As I felt a whole new healing wave of calm spreading through me waves of aftershocks shook my subway car. I made a commitment from my heart to Life itself that I would now turn inwardly. I understood that the Higher Love I was seeking “out there” was closer than close, pulsing deep within me. Life met me each step of the way and each teacher, book, “coincidence” and healer that came into my path guided me to open my heart to its true nature - which is wise, playful and free.

Often, in an effort to protect us, our Thinking Mind, which is analytical, linear and logical, works very hard to stop us from experiencing our Feeling Mind. This makes sense, as our Feeling Mind can be emotional, messy and unpredictable. However, it is also heart-based, highly creative, intelligent, insightful, energy-producing, a visionary and a seeker of truths hidden deep within; and so there can be great loss in burying its existence and potential.

This disconnection between our Thinking and Feeling Minds is often at the core of whatever needs healing - be it burnout, anxiety, heartache, or dis-order and dis-ease in our bodies, minds and spirits; and research supports the idea that the messages from our Feeling Hearts matter and need to be responded to if we want to experience full health.

Unfortunately though, many of us have not been given the strategies and support we need to feel safe enough to truly engage with our hearts. If you are finding yourself in this position and are feeling called to widen your perspective, learn useful tools and gain the support of helpful guides, know I am here to support you in walking right up to and through your pain. You can leverage it as a portal to free your heart and soul using the approaches that have transformed my life and those of hundreds of clients. Modalities such as clinical hypnotherapy, with a spiritual approach, energy healing and art therapy, along with other healing “power tools” that are shared each session.

Hypnotherapy allows for direct access to the subconscious patterns, habits and reactions that are running interference with our natural state of flow and joy. In hypnotherapy, Corry, trained by medical-doctor-turned-healer Dr. Sonia Gupte, walks beside you as you uncover core beliefs that are at the root of outmoded practices you’re longing to upgrade. Some ask, “Do I stay in control during hypnosis?”, and the answer is “Yes!” You are in more control during hypnotherapy than at any other time because 95% of your often unaccessed Feeling Mind comes online. For most clients, 3-5 sessions will provide the best results.

Energy healing allows you to sync-up your innate Universal Intelligence with Life’s Universal Intelligence as you simply lay back, relax and receive an energy upgrade of your frequencies. When learning Heart Coherence Energy Healing from Dr. Joe Dispenza, he taught, “Changing your state of being means changing your energy, because in order for you to affect matter, you have to become more energy and less matter”. This access to higher frequencies through heart coherence also aligns well with Reconnective Energy Healing which I learned from Dr. Eric Pearl for whole health. Clients report shifts in body, mind and spirit as life situations move with more ease and flow after even one energy healing session.

If you would like to learn more read how this heart opening work has helped others along their way here and should you feel ready, reach out for your free consultation call.

Should the work I do not resonate with you, I can also connect you with other healers who work in other ways to bring you home to the innermost center of you. We all find our way back to our heart differently, this I know is true.

Above all, I am so grateful to have had this chance to share my heart here this way with you. Thank you for taking the time to tuck in a share your Presence here too.💜

Big love,


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