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The Artwork

Creations of Color

Corry's Work

Creations of Color are pure vibrational downloads of Divine Intelligent energy in motion. The artwork flows straight from my Feeling Heart for the upliftment and Highest Good for all those who take it in. 


These artworks radiate light, energy and information. Notice which image(s) you are gravitating towards as there is energy reflecting from the artwork to support you into alignment. Whatever you see, sense and receive from the image(s) is valid and important to your journey at this moment in time. 

Trust your intuition as you print these images - whether you create a framed print or use the image as the wallpaper on your devices. Receive these Creations of Color for your whole health: body, mind, and spirit. 


The Artwork

As I'm working Internationally and based in Europe the currency for my services and shop is in Euros. If you operate in another currency don't worry as the conversion rate on the date of your purchase automatically gets factored in and will be reflected in your bank statement.

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