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"Deep dive into the transformative tools taught within the book and beyond in 3 Phases of learning" 

Life In Full Colors

Each Phase (1 thru 3) is an investment of USD$117 and includes:

4 week e-course of life-changing learning

Videos, worksheets, and homework to spark your creative learning

4 Group Circle live Zoom calls with Corry for inquiry, sharing and support

Access to the Life in Full Colors Facebook Page community

*Note that each course phase must be completed in order to advance to the next phase of learning.

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Is there a part of you that feels unsure about taking action steps forward for a meaningful life? Do you feel doubtful about things working out well for you? 


This course will give you the knowledge and skills so that within each step of up-cycling your life’s challenges you will become more empowered, expectant and connected to Source as your ‘joy-data’ and loving helpers, seen and unseen, show up to light your way.


At the end of this course, which focuses on the latter steps taught in Life in Full Colors while harmonizing your next 3 energy centers, you will be able to:


  • Reactivate your creative space and use attractors as portals to deeper wisdom in you

  • Create aligned action steps directly from the Divine downloads you receive 

  • Drop self judgements around having challenges in your life as you see them anew  

  • Gain new insights into your inner nag’ from Phase 1 as you form a loving partnership 

  • Know when and with whom to wisely share your inspired next steps 

  • Expect and identify the many helpers who come to support you on your journey 

  • Expand your understanding of unconditional love to bring you to a whole new state of relating to people in your life.


Do you feel unhealed pieces of you are adversely influencing your relationships, situations and happiness? Does asking for help and support feel difficult for you to do? 


This course teaches you to use creative power tools to leverage your heavy pieces for a whole new level of lightness within you. Strong support from the Universe will naturally be experienced as you create a loving connection with all the colors of you, including your innate Creative Intelligence.


At the end of this course, which focuses on the first steps taught in Life in Full Colors while harmonizing your first two energy centers, you will be able to:


  • Know and experience yourself as highly creative

  • Set up your Creative Space (both inside and out)

  • Recognize and redirect your critical ‘inner nag’ voice 

  • Own and up-cycle your challenges instead of reacting to them

  • Clear out your stuck heavy emotions for lighter ease-filled ones

  • Access your innate Creative Intelligence for downloads of wisdom

  • Understand why an over-focus on positivity is not real or sustainable 

  • Learn how to Integrate the Thinking mind and Feeling mind for full power

  • Gain awareness of what keeps you stuck in ‘overdoing’ in life and how to ‘be’

  • Ask 2 transformative questions of your struggles to receive potent solutions for you

  • Access the Unified Field of unseen potentials available and streaming to you always

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Are you uncertain how to deepen your inner vision, intuition and joy that you created in Phase 1 and 2? Are you wondering how best to share all that you’ve come to know with others naturally and without force?


This course will allow the Creative Intelligence that has been activated within you to continue to expand so that you see life more and more through the eyes of Source. This new vision then upshifts each of your interactions so that your sharing is mystical, comforting, and true to all the colors of you!


At the end of this course, which focuses on integrating all the steps taught in Life in Full Colors, while harmonizing with your higher energy centers you will be able to:


  • Use the creative power tools energetically for yourself and others to up-cycle challenges

  • Discern when and how to share your wisdom - either silently or with words - to close the circle of your learning

  • Develop clear sight of the beauty and infinite potentials in those around you

  • Recognize the generous gift that you give simply by sharing your loving presence 

  • Access new depths within you while elevating your levels of intuition and bliss

  • Understand our energetic reciprocity with our planet Earth and how our energies interact

  • Tune in to receive loving guidance, Divine support, signs, synchronous events and ease-filled clarity throughout your day-to-day

Sara Schneeberg

Phase 1 of the Life in Full Colors course gave me the time and space to connect with my creative side again. Through the course I had multiple "ah ha" moments where answers I was searching for surfaced through my art. Speaking with Corry weekly also helped me shine light into areas of my struggles that I was not seeing fully.

As a result of taking this course I feel more confident and peaceful in navigating a tough time in my life full of many big decisions and potential stressors. I learned to recognize and own my need for more space and openness in my life, which allowed me to easily make progress in other areas that felt unsettled. I am grateful that this course came into my life at just the time I needed it and look forward to continuing to practice what I learned.

Sara Schneeberg, Course Participant

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